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I'm Ryo Uchiyama. I enjoy a simple life by the ocean. This is reflected in the surf house that I've built organically through the years using shipping containers and wood. It's a laid-back place, ever-changing, and filled with my favourite items handmade by friends and artists.

I love cooking using natural and seasonal ingredients, including making sushi. My passion for Edomae sushi led me to sushi school in Tokyo, after which I turned my kitchen into a small sushi bar to share my craft with local and international visitors.

I have been surfing for many years. Iioka beach, my home break, is nearby. It is a great spot for all surfers whether beginner or advanced. Iioka is part of Kujūkuri, a long and popular surfing coast in Chiba, Japan, where you can surf the Pacific Ocean!





Stay per guest, 1 day: ¥5,000

Breakfast: ¥700 (optional)

Lunch: ¥1,000 (optional)

Dinner: ¥2,000 (optional)


Surfboard, 1 day: ¥3,000

Wetsuit, 1 day: ¥2,000

​Surf trip: ¥4,000 (half day), ¥8,000 (1 day)

Note: Surf trip can apply when Iioka's conditions are not optimal. Surfing is highly dependent on various natural conditions (wind, tide, current).


Lunch: ¥2,500 (no sake), ¥5,500 (with sake)

Dinner: ¥5,000 (no sake), ¥8,500 (with sake)


Note: Sushi by reservation only. Please book 3 days in advance through this form.

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