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Im Ryo Uchiyama. I enjoy a simple life by the ocean. This is reflected in my surf house that Ive built organically through the years using shipping containers and wood. Its a laid-back place, ever-changing, and filled with my favourite things handmade by friends and artists.

I love cooking using natural and seasonal ingredients, including making sushi. My passion for Edomae sushi led me to sushi school in Tokyo, after which I turned my kitchen into a small sushi bar to share my craft with local and international visitors.

I have been surfing for many years. Iioka beach, my home break, is nearby. It is a great spot for all surfers whether beginner or advanced. Iioka is part of Kujūkuri, a long and popular surfing coast in Chiba, Japan, where you can surf the Pacific Ocean!





Stay per guest, 1 day: ¥6,000

Breakfast: ¥700 (optional)

Lunch: ¥1,500 (optional)

Dinner: ¥2,500 (optional)


Surfboard, 1 day: ¥4,000

Wetsuit, 1 day: ¥3,000 (spring suit), ¥4,000 (winter suit) 

​Surf trip: ¥10,000

Note: Surf trip can apply when Iiokas conditions are not optimal. Surfing is highly dependent on various natural conditions (wind, tide, current).


Lunch: ¥3,500

Dinner: ¥8,000 (with sake)


Note: Sushi by reservation. Please book 3 days in advance through this form.






Head to JR Asahi Station and I'll pick you up, no charge.



I'll pick you up from Narita Airport:

¥5,000 (1 hour drive)




Look for the Yokoshibahikari-go Narita Bus Service

at Narita Airport Terminal 2 (see here):

¥660 (1 hour 20 minutes)

Stop at  JR Yokoshiba Station,

take a train to JR Asahi Station.

At JR Asahi Station, I'll pick you up, no charge.



Did you know that every day, billions of cells in our bodies undergo regeneration? These cells, which shape us, are essentially formed by the food we consume.

That is why I am mindful about what I use in the kitchen. For example, I try to choose wild-caught fish, game meat, and vegetables grown in pesticide-free, healthy soil.

However, in our world today, it is challenging to source for high-quality produce and ingredients, even in Japan. I tap the gaps in distribution channels or select ingredients based on my past experiences with them. While handling everything in the kitchen – from rice and vegetables to seasonings, utensils, and knives – I also find it important to remember that they have all arrived through the profound work and beliefs of their producers.

Food also serves as a medium for connecting people and creating encounters. It fires my imagination, providing endless moments of creativity, personal development, and joy. It’s always fun to explore the different aspects of food and create new possibilities.

How about you? What is your perspective on food and how do you approach it?

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